Ordering Process

Have questions about ordering? You’re in the right place! When you click on any of the “Order” buttons, you will be taken to the Valentus Order Website to place your secure order that will be delivered direct to your door, while the postal service disruption is happening and then back to your postal service boxes after things are settled. Let us walk you through exactly what to expect.

First, you will see the Welcome Screen:

Wait! Don’t worry, you have a choice to order either as an Indpendent Representative or as a Preferred Customer. What’s the difference? If you’re just here to order product, select “Preferred Customer” but if you think you may want to refer other people to Valentus and earn future commissions, you might want to consider ordering as an Independent Representative for a one-time $20 USD enrollment fee.

Next, Select the products you’d like to order:

There are a few different quantity options you can choose from. You can order 1 box, 3 boxes, 6 boxes or 16 boxes. Please note that if you would like to order to follow our Valentus 12in24 plan, you will want to select “Option 2 Starter Pack” and Select 1 SlimRoast, 1 Trim and 1 Immune Boost.

Please keep in mind, the 16 box Buisiness Builder pack is the BEST VALUE PER BOX !!

Lastly, enter your payment and your order is on it’s way:

That’s it! Enter your payment information and your Valentus order will be shipped right to your door from our facility in Utah. And don’t worry about duty if you’re in Canada- Since Valentus products are made in the USA, there is no duty added when shipping!

*** There will be two boxes to click on at the bottom of the page to confirm your order***