Time To Start Getting Healthier




As. a Professional Truck Driver and Equipment Operator of 36 plus years , my personal health was the first thing To be neglected  . From the long hours of sitting in the seat of a truck with little to No exercise ,to the nights of very little sleep. Or should I say , A Good Nights SLEEP , My health began to deteriorate .  The lbs started to accumulate to worsen the  problems from a health point of view . The flus and colds and viruses seem to hang longer than they did for Everyone else

I began to look for another way of making a living , Something HAS to be  BETTER. On my health and mental Clarity.Along came a company called VALENTUS . My introduction  to Valentus and the SlimRoast coffee and other functional beverages has  enhanced my health and overall out look in so many ways

The SlimRoast coffee has given me the increased energy and focus I had been missing and has really improved my overall thinking process. And the 48 lbs lost has been a huge benefit.  These AMAZING products are changing and improving people’s lives   The fact that I’m able to share them and help others do the same has made VALENTUS home.